welcome to no baby mama apparel and accessories llc!

About Liz

Hi, my name is Elizabeth, and I’m the Founder/ CEO of No Baby Mama Apparel LLC. I started No Baby Mama Apparel during Covid in 2020, just a few months after I lost my job. I always wanted to start a T-Shirt line, but I never knew what it would be and I never could make the time because I was a full time manager in food service.

My ultimate goal with NBMA is to reach as many mothers as I can, worldwide, to introduce them to No Baby Mama Apparel! Since it has started, my brand has already expanded and scaled from just apparel to accessories, and outerwear.

Pop Up Shop Queen

In addition to NBMA, one of the things I am most passionate about is helping other business owners network and grow their business. So I started hosting and planning pop up shops in Chicago to only give business owners the opportunity to network with each other, but network with other business owners as well. 

I have worked with over 200 vendors, and connected businesses all over the Chicago area. Ive also taken time to assist entrepreneurs in growing their business with consultations that answer any questions they may have about scaling products, marketing and/or expos. 

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